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Free Data Acquisition Software


 The Data Acquisition Module Setup and Data Logging program integrates a complete set of utilities for configuration of all Integrity Instruments Data Acquisition Modules. Download IntegrityDAQ.zip


EZTerminal ASCII Terminal Communications Program

Version 1.7 of EZTerminal expands version 1.2's capabilities. In addition to the original capabilities of EZTerminal, communication settings can now be saved and restored, transmit and receive data are separated by color, and controls are conveniently accessible on a toolbar. Version 1.5 is also capable of saving incoming data to a file. Download EZTerminal.zip.




Communications Send/Receive File Utility

This utility allows the user to Transmit a disk file out the comport and Receive data from the comport saving to a disk file. Receiving data is controlled by a time interval that can be configured by the user. Baud Rate and Comport number are configured by the user. This utility assumes that the RS232 data format is 8-N-1 (8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. Download COM_File.zip.


C++ Class library and Automation COM Server

This file has two distinct features: A complete C++ class library (source code) that gives access to all Integrity Instruments I/O module functions and an Automation COM server that allows easy access to these functions for Visual Basic and VBA enabled applications such as Excel. Download Integrity_IO.zip.

Note: The Automation COM server is an extremely simple service very similar to an ActiveX control. Please view ReadMe.htm for installation and help information. 

USB232-9 Driver

Download USB232-9_Update.zip